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Warm up 2020 page 2

List of exercises

All moves to be completed to your own ability
1. Raise then lower hand
2.Open and close at shoulder height
3. Overhead reach
4. Double arm circle
5. Rolling arms=push through sweep back
6. Bend forward arm circles
7. Turn waist raise had to opposite shoulder palm facing up
8. Turn waist raise both arms to opposite shoulder
9. Pushing palms forward 

10. Wave hands like clouds
11. Scoop the sea separate the clouds
12. Grasp the birds tail
13. Spreading arms whilst stepping forwards
14.Thrusting fists
15. Wide squat palms down on sink palms up on lift
16. Arm circles right and left bend at the waist to own level - Reach overhead then down towards floor
17. Bouncing a ball
18. Raise and lower hands to finish

Well Done take care stay safe Rose

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