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Tai Chi testimonials,benefits and comments from classes

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Many hobbies improve with the added help of tai chi principles horse riding is one that I can personally commend. Benefits for the Rider
Improved mind-body connection,balance and co-ordination
Increased self awareness and suppleness promotes greater stability
Improve co-ordination,intuition and self confidence
Relaxed consistent breathing
Reduction of stress and tension

Testimonials/comments from the classes.

1. Safe form of exercise for someone in pain and to learn a new skill.

2.I have become more confident since joining this group it helps as people (and Rose) are so supportive.

3.The skills that I have learnt can be adapted to everyday life.

4.The opportunity to continue learning and to meet new people gaining confidence to do something different.

5.Exercising in a safe environment with tutor who is empathetic to the needs of the group however diverse.

6.The groups cover a wide range of age and abilities and everyone gets a good workout.

7.I noticed benefits to my health week by week e.g. balance,concentration,suppleness  increased stamina knowing my own limits.

8.Pain can be so isolating individuals feel included within the classes and work with each other in mutual support and harmony.

9.There is no pressure you work to your own needs but are encouraged to be the best that you can be.

11."Give it a go" 
"You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You make new friends,explore new interests and develop a new hobby.

12. I have found a new and very enjoyable way to relax and replenish my energy.
My suppleness has improved as has my stamina and I am learning to let go of stress.
I love it.

13. Adult classes
Sir-I am 70 years old and have contributed to the economy for 40 years.
What am I supposed to do now-vegetate.My aim is to save the economy as much money as possible.
Five years ago, I suffered from severe joint problems following a road accident.I was one step away from a wheelchair when I joined tai chi classes.Now I can climb stairs,go for long country walks and play with my grandchildren.
i amy not be contributing to the economy,but I am saving the NHS and social services a great deal of money.
Kaynita O'Leary
to daily telegraph 8.6.2006

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