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Hello thank you for your interest if you need any further details please do not hesitate to get in touch.

0116 2864640
e-mail rosebarlowtc4m@talktalk.net

0777 398 1011 please text as I do not have my phone on during classes

There is an answerphone if I am not available at the time of your call and I will ring you back as soon as I can.



Tai Chi Poem

I think tai chi is good for me

It’s a gentle Chinese art

Slow flowing movements

No stress on the heart.


Although I’m not that mobile

I’m told I will improve

Led by Rose my teacher

Who watches every move.


Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate

And go with the flow

Then I lose my balance

And whoops, over I go. (not really!)


Rose says my balance will get better

My knees will no longer creak

I will be able to stand on one leg

Improving week by week.


I must admit it calms the mind

I feel better for doing Tai chi.

So I will certainly keep it up

It will help my MOBILITY.


Jacki Dowse Wednesday morning tai chi 

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