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Class Structure

Classes are structured and friendly and will be at a pace to suit the people attending.

1 hour to 1 1/2 hours with time for rest and feedback on progress

Beginners or people that just need a shorter class usually start with 1 hour training and can chose to stay longer as required.

Warm Up

A short section of exercises are done to get the muscles warm, mobilise the joints there will also be gentle stretching to improve flexibility and enable the body to move more efficiently.

Chi Gung

The chi gung section of the class uses easy to learn breathing and relaxation exercises. 

Simple exercises have been chosen to demonstrate the technique used to increase the ability to concentrate.

Tai Chi Yang Style

A sequence of slow controlled gentle and graceful movements allow the body to relax, which in time creates more suppleness, allows the mind to be still relieving stress and tension bringing a sense of balance.

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